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Support for Meddling Adults, an independent podcast, comes primarily from our Patreon account. Financial support also comes from advertisements, merch sales, and live shows. After covering expenses, all proceeds go towards the prize pool awarded to the winning charities at the end of each season. Thanks to the following people who have joined the Patreon and helped us raise more money for charity!

Veronika Bartova, Lada Bartova, Haley Hastings, Don't Call Me Nymphadora, Emma Kouhi, Aeline Gzesh, Kevin McKain, Salvatore Testa, Andrea Kaplan, Shavawn Ellsbury, K Thaker, Kristen Stevens, Illaria Visentin, Netanya Page, Polly Burridge, Matt MŌster, Sydney Hainsworth, Robyn Garcia, Noel, Liternee109, Anna Bourjaliy, April Viehmann, Aura Miranda, Katie, Zoe Klawans, Danielle Guilbeault, Lina Durrell, Mellowhale, Megan Moon, Sara Fisch, Stephen McEwen, Maria Poldson, Charlotte R, Sean Reynolds, Michael Zenke, Amelia Miller-McDonald, Eoghan Shanley, Elizabeth Kitzman, Katie Ozan, Matthew Babbit, Rachel Bickert

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