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The Case of the Wheelbarrows of Meat

Dara Ó Briain, playing for The Simon Community, and Johnny Frohlichstein, playing for The American Cancer Society, kick off this special early-release episode of Meddling Adults Season 5 with some Encyclopedia Brown mysteries! Can the Taskmaster become the mystery master? Find out on this week's Meddling Adults!


Cases: The Case of the Explorer’s map, The Case of the Book Burner, The Case of the Lazy Lion, The Case of the Red Roses

Clues & Evidence: Famous Five, Enid Blyton, Hong Kong Phooey, Mad Men, scratch & sniff destructing books, Goodfellas, Sweeney Todd, massages, Wheelbarrows of Meat, 8 Mile, Lola the trapeze artist, The Patriot Act, lamp chains

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