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The Mystery of The Blob in Motion

Ben & J Carlin, both playing for Feeding Southwest Virginia in a bragging rights battle, tackle some Scooby Doo Mysteries with loads of plausible culprits! Will their sleuthing skills match their trivia skills? Will their deep diving history allow them to dive deep into the truth of the crime? Find out in this episode of Meddling Adults!


Cases: The Fast and the Wormious, A Scooby Doo Halloween, Wrestlemaniacs,


Clues & Evidence: Bedtime stories, bragging rights, Benoit Blanc, nursing churros, Enduroslam 5000, Mad Max: Scooby Doo, Alaskan Bull Worm, worm guys, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3, Mario Kart, benching 220, Y2K Energy, Petty Daphne, ruh-search, KISS, seat-fillers, scabs, red & white spiral cans, Vince McMahon,


Fred 220 compilation vid:

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