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The Case of The Word Dork

Ross Bryant, playing for The Union Solidarity Coalition, and Amir Blumenfeld, playing for The National MS Society, kick off the second half of Meddling Adults Season 4 by solving crimes from Florida’s most infamous fictional city, Idaville aka the home of Encyclopedia Brown! Will they meet his expansive knowledge, or will they look like buffoons? Find out by listening!

Cases: The Case of the Gym bag, The Case of the Headless Ghost, The Case of the Vanished Sculpture, The Case of the Home Run Hitter

Clues & Evidence: Basketball tips, backpage peekers, construction workers, Wayne Brady, The Simpsons, The Westing Game, PBS, baldsmen, Fight the Frizz, philatelist, Peanuts, Hershey tipping, *NSYNC, The Simpsons, memorabilia, cool nicknames, Nominative Determinism, Sean McVay

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