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The Case of the Smoking Bread

SEASON 4 IS FINALLY HERE! We kick things off with a hilarious episode featuring two of Mike's former improv teammates from college hunting for answers to Encyclopedia Brown mysteries. Adrian plays for Hearts and Bones, and Adrien plays for New Alternatives. It's a hoot and a half and it's the perfect way to begin this long-awaited season.

Cases: The Case of the Peace Offering, The Case of the Masked Man, The Case of the Racing Reptiles, The Case of the Fake Soup Can

Clues & Evidence: Clothing pandering, Goosebumps, Australian carousels, Florida laws, circuit breakers, Cam Jansen, the smoking bread, Texas, international schools, $2 bills, Dutch philosophers, racing lizards, Pixar, Joy Chestnut, improv warmups, apple pie order, Family Feud

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