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Season 3 Charity Recap & Season 4 Update

Fellow sleuths! It has been too long! Just wanted to pop in to say hello, give you a breakdown of how much we donated this year to our winning charities, and provide an update about the upcoming season of Meddling Adults. Thanks for sticking around, and I'm excited to begin work on Season 4!

Season 3 Live Show & Fundraiser Updates

Mike provides an update about how much money we were able to raise for the winning charities of Season 3, who won the Season 3 fundraiser, and what lies ahead for Season 4. Also, WE ARE DOING A LIVE SHOW BOTH IN-PERSON IN NYC AND ALSO STREAMED VIRTUALLY! It'll be on 9/22 and you can get tickets at 

Season 3 Fundraiser and Merch Announcements

We've got new Meddling Merch, and you could win a Meddling Adults shirt if you are the lucky winner of our Season 3 fundraiser! To enter, simply contribute to our charity fund at where each dollar donated is one raffle ticket entry. Good luck!

Meddling Mailbag

Editor Brandon Grugle opens up the inbox with Schubes to answer listener questions about Season 3 of Meddling Adults! Naturally, we also talk about documentaries and give podcasting advice.


Mike's Kickstarter:

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