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The Case of Something That Isn't Nothing

Alyssa Esteban, playing for The One Love Foundation, and Kevin T. Porter, playing for G.L.I.T.S., do their darnedest to determine the doers of dastardly deeds in some Encyclopedia Brown mysteries! The mysteries flip from high stakes to seemingly mundane and our competitors flip from rivals to collaborators, but one thing remains constant: never stop thinking about Jason Derulo.


Cases: The Case of the Pantry Door, The Case of the Midnight Visitor, The Case of Missing Racquet, The Case of the Green Thermos

Clues & Evidence: The Berenstain Bears Extended Universe, Hanging Chads, The Lord of the Flies, The Incredibles, Jason Derulo, the crimes of trusting and optimism, Florida Worm Sports, The Titanic, Fellowship

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