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The Mystery of Gendered Clothing

Melissa Anelli, playing for Kamp Kiwanis, and Jordan Edwards, playing for the Nina West Foundation, are ready to manage some mischief in the form of Encyclopedia Brown mysteries! We recorded this one on the morning of Election Day, and you can tell we are all very happy to have but a brief distraction from what was the stressful start to a stressful week. 


Cases: The Case of the Hilbert’s song, The Case of the Red Sweater, The Case of the Crowing Rooster, The Case of the Boy Juggler

Clues & Evidence: Clarity, Election Day, frisking dreams, Mike’s hair process, Jacob Wahl, 1920s gangsters, Macklemore’s revitalization of the Thrift Shop industry, Lisa Perwinkle, Simon Peter, stage moms

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