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The Case of the Hurt People Hurting People Who Hurt People

Erin, Adal, and JPC from Hey Riddle Riddle enter the fray and test their wits against our most riddle-esque detective, Encyclopedia Brown! These three are improv comedians and Mike has been itching to do more improv for a while, so the bits flow like wine freshly cracked from a vat. (That'll make sense after you listen to the ep.)


Cases: The Case of the Gnome’s Beard, The Case of the Missing Ring, The Case of the Red Boat, The Case of the Money Changer

Clues and Evidence: candle alerts, drinking holes, Versailles, the Louisiana Purchase 2, Carly Simon, golf rules, CalZone, Lil’ Jon, lunchtime, Ugly Betty, Jerry Seinfeld’s the Marriage Ref, Send Me Your Murders

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