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The Case of the Pangea Summer Home

Jeffrey Cranor (Welcome to Night Vale) and Kristen DiMercurio (Brimstone Valley Mall) take us back to Idaville to solve more mysteries from Encyclopedia Brown! This episode is filled with powerful statements such as “If we eradicated all thoughts about what distance is, every home is a beachfront home,” and “Soup does take a while to make.”


Cases: The Case of the Ginger Ale, The Case of the Frightened Playboy, The Case of the Mysterious Mugging, The Case of the Boy Bullfighter


Clues and Evidence: podcasting from home, ginger ale vs. ginger beer vs. root beer, Stradivarius violins, Black Market Musicians, NES Playboy, Pedey, supper sandwiches, Car Twitter, looking at your friend's butt, dogs with steak knives

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