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The Case of the Baby Shoes, Never Worn

Multitude's own Amanda McLoughlin, playing for City Harvest, and Eric Silver, playing for North Brooklyn Angels, go toe-to-toe against each other as well as Encyclopedia Brown to solve Idaville's toughest mysteries! Just a heads up, if you don't like hearing the word "teeth" said repeatedly, go ahead and just throw this episode in a fire, run away, and never look back.


Cases: The Case of the Forgetful Sheriff, The Case of the Two-Fisted Poet, The Case of the Wounded Toe, The Case of the Stomach Puncher, The Case of Excalibur


Clues and Evidence: The Gold Standard, empty coffee cups, a swirl of skirts, Mindhunter, Steven Google, bicycle dressage, Super Smash Bros., Mumblety Peg, Lady Barbers, Family Feud Euphemisms

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